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Bridging pipelines for BMW

Global brands have to juggle many different challenges, one of them is creating marketing content that's personalized and adapted to all segments and markets they are looking to reach. Resources being limited in nature, brands usually scale back the level of personalization it allows on content, which in turn limits the ability to micro target users and hinders conversion rates. We've seen in this era of social media marketing that the one-size fits all approach doesn't cut it anymore. That's an issue our partner BMW has been trying to address and wanted to see if we had a creative solution that could fix this. Our workflow as always mixed the motion picture and gaming pipelines. Many brands have existing high quality 3D assets that remain unused and limited to design and B2B purposes.

Our proposed solution isn't new. It's used in gaming and movie productions. But adoption for marketing and advertising as been slow, mainly due to quality issues. We wanted to prove the BMW team that using game engines, in this specific case Unreal, we could reach high levels of visual quality and provide their desired level of customization quickly and cost effectively. This preliminary test places the BMW X5 in 3 different immersive environments. The result is visually striking but what's most impressive is that this test was done in less than one week using an existing high-poly BMW CAD design file. Thanks to our CHEWI technology, we are able to optimize and render photorealistic 3D assets that can be easily distributed to any advertising platform.

We are proud of the trust placed in us by BMW and are committed to helping them innovate. Creating immersive and unique content as become a key part of marketing plans. We provide the expertise and know-how to go from strategy to results.

If you want to partner with us and start building amazing 3D experiences on any platform, just give us a shout at LAX@PLAYHYBRID.COM !

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