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Group Effects Now Available on Messenger

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Playhybrid was honoured to have been selected by Facebook as part of the creators tasked in developing the Group Effects available on Messenger on launch day. We worked on creating two immersive and visually striking effects that differ from the photorealistic World Effects we usually do. Since we had the full confidence from the great people at Facebook, we felt comfortable digging back into our old animation movie bag of tricks to create those Group Effects.

CMYK was inspired by abstract art and cubism. We wanted people to forget the limits of the physical world and be immersed in creativity.

Back to School was our take on the whimsical universe of retro animation movies and the excitement of back to school season. Adults can, for a few minutes, turn back time and enjoy the magic of being a kid.

Both effects are presently available on Messenger video calls and Messenger Rooms and will be coming soon to Instagram.

Want to partner with us to do amazing augmented reality experiences on social media? Contact us now: LAX@PLAYHYBRID.COM !

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