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Star Wars: Tales From Galaxy's Edge

Playhybrid is proud to partner with Meta and ILM in launching two exclusive Instagram AR effects promoting the immersive Oculus game Star Wars: Tales From Galaxy's Edge. Launching on July 8, 2022 simultaneously with Meta's pop-up event at Disneyland, both effects rely on 3D assets sourced directly from the game pipeline. CHEWI, our proprietary technology, powered all optimization efforts to convert large 3D game assets within the four MB limit for Instagram distribution.

Both effects are unique and rely on two different camera perspectives and tracking options. The first experience is a front-facing effect that lets users take selfies with two of the Oculus game's iconic characters Seezelslak, the cantina owner and a cute Porg.

The second experience is a world lens effect and was designed to engage fans while in line at the pop-up event. Using the official Star Wars: Tales From the Galaxy's Edge marker provided by the events staff at Disneyland, fans are able to experience exclusive holographic AR messages of different characters from the game. The photorealistic 3D assets optimized by CHEWI, gives this experience and rich and immersive feel. This effect like ports fans directly into the Star Wars universe.

Working with ILM on this project was a dream come true for us and we are grateful for the ongoing confidence in our work from the Meta team. Great partnerships create great work.

Want to partner with us and start building amazing AR experiences on social media? Give us a shout at LAX@PLAYHYBRID.COM !

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