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What's the future like for Social Media AR?

After building over 100 AR effects for industry leaders such as Mercedes-Benz, Dell and the NBA, we are often asked what's next for Social Media AR. So we gathered the team and spoke to our partners and industry friends to discuss. The field of social media augmented reality is constantly evolving, but here are some of the trends we think will have the biggest impact:

Virtual try-on experiences go mainstream: Social media AR is increasingly being used by fashion and beauty brands to provide virtual try-on experiences for their products. Users can use their phone camera to try on clothes, makeup, and accessories virtually and allowing seamless purchases through social media e-commerce functionalities.

Gamification: Brands and influencers are using social media AR to create interactive games and experiences for users. These games can range from simple quizzes to more complex experiences, such as escape rooms. Gamification can also be added to provide added engagement to utilitarian effects like we did for our Dell Computers Small Business AR experience.

NFTs and digital art: The rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has opened up new possibilities for social media AR. Artists, creators and brands can now create and sell digital art that can be displayed in augmented reality through social media platforms. We expect more Web3 integrations to come in the near future.

3D content creation: With the increasing availability of 3D modeling tools, social media AR is becoming more accessible for creators and brands to design and create their own custom AR content.

Location-based AR experiences: Social media platforms are starting to incorporate location-based AR experiences, allowing users to discover and interact with AR content in specific locations. This has potential for marketing campaigns, tourism and more. The location based effect we created for the promotion of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Oculus game was a great example of how to bridge digital and physical experiences in a location based marketing campaign.

These trends are just a few examples of the ways social media augmented reality is evolving and changing the way brands leverage digital content. All of this is exciting news in a fast moving segment of digital marketing.

If you want to partner with us and start building amazing AR experiences on social media just give us a shout at LAX@PLAYHYBRID.COM !

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