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BMW iX Takes Center Stage on Instagram with New AR Experiences

At Playhybrid, our dedication to innovation in automotive AR experiences continues to thrive through collaborations with industry-leading partners. We're excited to announce not just one, but two groundbreaking AR experiences on Instagram, featuring the BMW iX's interior and exterior, each meticulously designed to offer users an immersive journey into the essence of this visionary car.

Our passion for cars transcends the ordinary, and working alongside esteemed partners like BMW has allowed us to push the boundaries of what's possible in augmented reality. In these Instagram experiences, we're focused on not just showcasing the exterior beauty of the BMW iX, but also giving users a unique glimpse into its unparalleled interior design.

The BMW iX Exterior AR Experience:

From the sleek lines to the iconic kidney grille, every distinctive feature of the BMW iX's exterior has been meticulously incorporated into our AR design. Our team sourced the car model directly from BMW's design files, ensuring an unmatched level of realism that immerses users in a photorealistic representation of this groundbreaking vehicle.

Navigate around the car, explore its intricate details, and witness its design elements come to life as you interact with the AR experience. Engage with the BMW iX in ways previously unimaginable, right from your Instagram feed.

The BMW iX Interior AR Experience:

Step inside the future of automotive luxury with our immersive AR experience highlighting the BMW iX's interior. Discover the opulence of its cabin, from the cutting-edge technology to the exquisite craftsmanship that defines the essence of this remarkable vehicle.

Explore the interior features and marvel at the innovative design elements that make the BMW iX a testament to automotive excellence. Our commitment to authenticity ensures that every detail, from the panoramic sunroof to the futuristic controls, is faithfully replicated for an engaging and realistic experience.

Both experiences have been crafted as part of our comprehensive social AR full-service solution. As with our previous projects, we've complemented these experiences with captivating video ads that invite users to delve deeper into the world of BMW iX on Instagram.

Ready to embark on this journey of automotive innovation? Head to BMW's Instagram page to access both the BMW iX Exterior and Interior AR experiences. Share the excitement with your friends and family and be part of redefining how we interact with automobiles on social media.

Are you looking to elevate your brand's presence with cutting-edge AR experiences? Partner with us at Playhybrid and let's create extraordinary AR journeys that captivate audiences and elevate brand engagement. Reach out to us at LAX@PLAYHYBRID.COM and join us in pioneering the future of automotive AR on Instagram and beyond.

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