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Playhybrid brings the Pot Noodle Slurp to AR

Playhybrid is always looking for creative ways to leverage Augmented Reality to enable brands to display their products in unique and engaging ways they may not achieve on traditional marketing channels. With our most recent collaboration with Unilever UK and Meta, Playhybrid was tasked with the creative objective of highlighting the fun and tasty ways customers can enjoy one of Unilever's biggest and most popular food staples, Pot Noodle.

Playhybrid believed a face filter could showcase the joy of eating Pot Noodle. Yes, the taste is fantastic, but it's in the slurp that Pot Noodle brings out the unique fun and distinguishes itself as the "go-to" quick snack that is yummy and satisfying. The Face Filter effect starts with the user being presented with a cup of Pot Noodle and is instructed to tap on the pot to start the effect, and then the fun begins, testing your slurping strength and ultimate score on what type of eater you are. To experience the effect, find Unilever's IG page, open the AR effect, and start sharing with your friends. 

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