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Hyundai Ioniq 6 AR Experience

Renewing with Hyundai Motor America for a new project always gets our engines revving...or in this case our batteries fully charged. To help promote the launch of the all new Ioniq 6, Playhybrid in collaboration with the Innocean and Meta teams, brought to life Hyundai's new EV in full 3D AR on Instagram. Hyundai wanted the effect to be compelling and showcase the interior and exterior in a creative way that would have users fully engaged. Our creative team was up to the task as always. Our concept places the user in the elegant interior of the new Ioniq 6 while being surrounded by a full showroom of Ioniq 6 exteriors. The user can thus view every angle of this design masterpiece using minimal gesture amplitude. Making this an extremely usable and stable AR experience.

Try the Ioniq 6 effect now on Hyundai's Instagram page and share it with your friends and family.

Want to partner with us and start building amazing AR experiences on social media? Give us a shout at LAX@PLAYHYBRID.COM !

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