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Playhybrid teams up with Nike to create photorealistic AR experience on Instagram

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

The Nike brand is iconic and a staple for athletes looking for performance gear and everyday consumers looking for stylish streetwear. The Nike brand is synonymous with innovation and creativity. This is not only true with their products but also with their marketing efforts. Augmented reality is revolutionizing the fashion industry, bringing consumers closer to the brands and products they love. Social media AR doesn't have to mean cutting back on the quality of the 3D assets to allow users to experience the effect on their phones. At Playhybrid, thanks to our CHEWI technology we provide brands who value their IP the opportunity to create photorealistic 3D AR that doesn't compromise on the details and textures of the products.

Our creative team designed an effect that showcased two Nike shoes in full 3D but that could also allow users to see the different available color swaps. The UI for the effect was designed to make navigation quick and intuitive. Our tech team had the challenge to get all of this inside the 4MB Spark AR limit. All assets were optimized using CHEWI. The result is a smooth-running 3D AR effect that's on brand and brings the new shoes into the homes of the target consumers. Something other mediums can't do.

Like all of our Instagram AR projects, we created the AR video ad that will help users find and interact with the effect. Video ads are key to any successful campaign. We are proud to be able to offer our partners with the full suite of production services for powerful social media AR campaigns.

Want to partner with us and start building amazing AR experiences on social media? Give us a shout at LAX@PLAYHYBRID.COM

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